Antus, Bartender of Allenbury

Antus grew up in Allenbury.

But no one cares about his past. What really matters is the fact that Antus has done two things in his life; slain a monsterous hulking troll-beast, and sold quite a few slaves to the Tal’Pel.

The party arrived to find a few letters in his basement; This letter was found in the cave-basement beneath the tavern. It is from Kairyk of the Greatblade regarding his appreciation of Antus’s continued aid.
Antus, Your continued support for our cause is greatly appreciated, and so in this latest payment you shall recieve double your last. Also, I am pleased to let you know that the Hall has decided in your favor; you have been assured a Seat for your undying allegiance. Kairyk of the Greatblade High Seat of the Hall
This letter was being written shortly before being confronted by the party amidst the chaos of the town being ransacked and razed.
Kairyk of the Greatblade, I am afraid that my safety has been compromised. I cannot assure you that I shall be alive in time for my heralding to the Hall. Should I not –


The Tal'Pel Oldbeard