The Tal'Pel

Underneath the Duke of Reivenhold's Manor

Today, the party arrived in Reivenhold, a largely economic town settled on the Thunderwave River. They immediately set out on a quest for more advance armor and weapons, which they found little of, save for the weapon augmentation that allowed Zandar’s crossbow to shoot more accurately with unlimited magic bolts, but packed less of a punch. While negotiating a price on this item, the rest of the party looked around the docks of the Reivenhold Harbour. They found several large wooden crates being offloaded from a ship that shocked you when you touched them. A guard told them to let the crates alone.

They met a man named Professor Ibaldtus Unicorn, the leader of the Abolitionist Minds of Reivenhold, a group sworn to stamp out slavery in the Tal’Pel nation. After a short meeting with Professor Unicorn, it became clear that something in Reivenhold was amiss; Unicorn accused the Duke of trafficking in slaves. While proposing little evidence to support his claim, the party quickly overlooked this. They seem to have it out for the rulers of city-states.

Trekking outside the walls to the cave, they find two mercenary types guarding the entrance to the manor’s basement-cellar-dungeon-thing. This is contrary to what Unicorn told them, which was that the caves and basement-cellar-dungeon-thing were usually empty. After haphazardly throwing themselves unto the roaring slaughter that is an intersection, they realize that this place is certainly not empty…

Presently, Evaelethil is trapped behind a black wall of force, the rest of the party is handling the minion problem, and someone, somewhere, is probably cackling delightfuly because their plan has worked out perfectly.

Also, Sheldon the Ferocious (who has clearly proclaimed himself so, and without reason) finally killed an enemy. While a minion was charging toward him, he quickly punched through his chest, pulled out his heart and ate it. Well played, sir. Well played.



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