The Tal'Pel


A quick “Story Thus Far”

The party travels from the Nentir Vale (Fallcrest County) northwest along a road leading into the Antebur Forest. There they meet a wagon caravan being accosted by a bandit party, which they handle quite easily. The wagon caravan is eager to accept their aide, saying they need to reach Allenbury to deliver this shipment of gold to the Duke there. The party obliges, reaches Allenbury, and through a series of miscommunications, misunderstandings, and misdirection, they enlist the help of several bandit parties and burn the place to the ground, killing the Duke and all the residents.

They then find the clue they should have found earlier. The Bartender has been trafficking slaves to something called the Tal’Pel. The party then heads off to Umbifeld Manor and helps with the Goblin problem there, meeting their first abomination. Superdarsh instructs the refugee servants to head to Allenbury, now renamed “Sypocalypse” and build him a stable for his nearly dead horse that he insists is in perfect health.

They then travel to Kalinmar, help a Dwarven Blacksmith find his missing apprentice, and Alice attempts to purchase something that is more powerful than his 2d12 mace. He has no luck, and is promptly stripped if this glitch in the system, returning his mace to 1d8.

They travel to Tal’Qul, meet some Repulsers, meet a big tall guy that tells them they instigated a fight that the party insists was not their fault, and fall asleep. They wake up in the rain, travel to Reivenhold, and so are you caught up.



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